How will AI Change the Future of Networking?

An introduction to AI in networking

Artificial intelligence. A popular conversation topic with plenty of media coverage over the last few years; we are now starting to see AI innovate and change the way things are done in a wide range of industries. From the farming industry utilising AI to gain in-depth analytics, improving crop yield – to governments using it to make data-driven decisions. Many businesses and organisations are finding ways to innovate with this highly valuable and versatile technology.

IT networking can now also benefit.

With the ever-increasing demands that networks are facing, it’s important that businesses find new solutions to ensure that their network infrastructure remains reliable, secure, and agile. If a business’s network goes down, so does their profit. Constant innovation is crucial to stay ahead of the game.

AI is a perfect tool to help with this.

How is AI affecting networking?

By utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning, businesses are offloading low-level tasks, learning more about how their networks are being used, whilst analysing and optimising the performance of their infrastructure.

A key benefit of integrating AI solutions is the opportunity to free up more time for IT teams – allowing them to focus on forward-thinking innovations, finding more ways to optimise the network and its operations. And it won’t be just the IT team that finds and implements new ways to optimise the network; with the right setup, AI-driven infrastructure will find ways to work harder and more efficiently automatically – all thanks to machine learning.

By analysing network patterns and abnormalities, AI can raise the alarm if it detects an anomaly within the network – allowing network admins to identify issues before they become critical problems. This, paired with automatic troubleshooting and self-healing capabilities, enables businesses with AI integrated infrastructure to be confident that their network will remain stable and operational around the clock.

Network security is another critical area that AI can help businesses with. Thanks to machine learning, AI security solutions can learn from previous threats and attacks to help create an autonomous, resilient barrier against future security threats and anomalies.

A more reliable user experience is also made possible thanks to AI. With visibility into the user’s end-to-end experience with the business’s network, AI can identify areas that can be made more efficient, streamlining and optimising the user’s entire interaction; in turn creating a more reliable, predictable experience.

What does AI hold for the future of networking?

As networks develop and become inevitably more complex, AI will become more intelligent and capable to match. With so many IoT devices connecting to networks and transmitting data across them, the magnitude of things that could go wrong increases. AI will be needed to help manage and administer this ever-growing quantity of IoT devices, automating and optimising any would-be hands-on tasks.

In turn, this continued optimisation will free up the IT team, enabling them to spend more time focusing on tasks that will further business goals, rather than menial, every-day tasks; helping the business elevate to higher levels of productivity.

With an increasingly data-driven world fast approaching, industries will need to harness powerful tools such as AI to sift through and make sense of it all. In turn, businesses will be able to make more impactful, data-backed decisions. An investment into AI-based network solutions is one that is certain to pay off.

How can we help you?

With AI becoming such a major driving force for progression in industries far and wide, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve with the latest solutions.

Finding the most effective AI solutions for your network can be an intimidating task, though.

Whether it be orchestrating your entire tech estate from anywhere in the world, attaining advanced insights into how your network is being used, setting up 24/7 AI-based automated network monitoring, or even utilising AI to optimise and improve your customers experience within your establishment from entrance to exit; we can help you find the solution that will provide the best use case for your business.

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Written by Sam Linnell
Published on 6th June 2023