Secure access to your network – anytime, anywhere.

These days business happens everywhere. Your staff are accessing your network from home. From coffee shops. From client meetings. They are sharing data between global offices. Empowering your staff to access your network from anywhere can transform your productivity. But there are security implications too.

Technologies exists to keep your remote operations secure, closing the door on attacks. But what really matters is finding the technology that’s best suited to your business. That’s where we come in. We have the expertise to create a secure infrastructure for remote working to protect your business.

Deploy VPN technology for private, encrypted communication over the internet. Take control of how different devices – and different users – can access your network. Identify and disable threats before they cause damage with AI monitoring. Make 2 factor authentication mandatory for sensitive accounts and platforms. It’s all about finding the tools that work best for you. And that’s something we believe we can do better than anyone else.

Our Partners

Cisco partner logo


Cisco’s ‘Secure Remote Worker’ ensures that no matter where your employees work from, or what devices they use, they are provided with a secure connection to resources and applications needed during the workday. Simple, scalable, and integrated.

Cisco Meraki company logo

Cisco Meraki

Meraki provides simple, secure, and reliable remote work solutions enabling you to deliver your business security policy anywhere, across any device. Auto VPN technology securely connects branches and remote workers in just 3 simple clicks – through an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard.

Juniper Networks partner logo

Juniper Networks

Juniper has a range of offerings intended to maximise the security of your remote workers – Juniper Mist Wi-Fi, Juniper Mist Edge, and Juniper Connected Security are just a few of their technologies aimed at providing you more insight, management, and visibility.

Fortinet partner logo


Fortinet Security Fabric is Fortinet’s all-encompassing solution, whether working from the office, home or on the road. Fortinet Zero Trust Network Access, FortiEDR, and Secure Access Service Edge, can help ensure that any connections made to your network by remote workers are made safely and securely.

One Identity partner logo

One Identity

Through privileged access management and multifactor authentication solutions, One Identity aims to help combat many of the security vulnerabilities that remote working introduces.

Palo Alto Networks partner logo

Paloalto Networks

Palo Alto Networks offer a suite of networking solutions to enable your remote-working employees to work from anywhere securely. Through their GlobalProtect and Prisma Access technology they aim to modernise remote access.

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