Your 3rd-Party Networking Team

A robust and well-managed network infrastructure is the fundamental backbone of the modern business, enabling seamless communication, facilitating data flow, and empowering efficient operations in an increasingly interconnected digital world. When the network goes down, often large aspects of your business do too.

It can be expensive to have an in-house team dedicated to monitoring, managing, and maintaining your infrastructure, though. Requiring constant training to stay just as up to date as your infrastructure is, it can be a serious drain on resources, presenting quite the challenge, particularly for smaller businesses.

Imagine, however, that you had an external team at the ready, constantly keeping an eye on the performance, uptime, and upkeep of your network and its devices – with quarterly emailed service reports, annual environment reviews, and remote issue resolution.

With our Managed Network Services, you can have exactly that.

What We Offer


Ensuring that your network related devices are working to the best of their ability is crucial – at the end of the day, they are the building blocks of your IT infrastructure. We’ll keep an eye on them for you, and let you know if anything is wrong.


If you face an issue that can’t be resolved remotely and requires an on-site visit, we can have one of our IT experts sent out to you to fix the problem. And, if it’s an issue that we can’t sort, we’ll be the ones to raise the manufacturer ticket to get the right people involved.


We’ll send you quarterly reports highlighting the cases and trends of the issues that your IT infrastructure faced, what changes have been made, and the impacts of those changes.

Remote Issue

If your network faces any issues we’ll have our in-house IT experts resolve them remotely as they happen, ensuring that any downtime and disruption is kept to a minimum, so that your organisation can keep doing what it does best.


Our experts will make sure that your devices are constantly kept up to date, ensuring that no out-of-date devices or compatibility issues get in the way of your business.


We’ll give you a general review on the state of your network, any obsolescence, and recommended new products to take your network to the next level.

Managed Network Service Tiers

We currently offer Managed Network Services in three tiers:

BRONZE What do you get with Bronze?
  • Device monitoring during normal business hours
  • Device uptime monitoring with proactive issue detection and notification
  • Professional services available – remote or on-site
  • Quarterly service reports
  • Low-cost remote monitoring hardware installed on your network*
  • Low monthly cost per device
  • *Free on 3 and 5-year contracts
SILVER What do you get with Silver?
  • All of Bronze plus:
  • Remote issue resolution where possible
  • Unlimited scheduled changes per year
  • Quarterly vendor software/firmware updates
  • Free remote monitoring hardware for all contract lengths
  • Monthly service reports
  • Quarterly service reviews
  • Annual environment reviews
GOLD What do you get with Gold?
  • All of Bronze + Silver plus:
  • 24/7/365 cover

The Benefits of Managed Network Services

Scale the cost to suit your business. You pick the tier that you want, pick how many devices you want covered, and we do the rest.
With a 3rd party networking team to take the weight off your shoulders, you can simplify the onsite management of your IT infrastructure.
Peace of Mind
Take peace of mind knowing that you have a team of dedicated IT experts monitoring your network.
With over two decades of experience in the IT industry as a business, and a team of in-house experts at the ready, you can be certain that your network is in good hands.
Extended Monitoring Hours
Benefit from extended or 24/7 monitoring of your network. We’ll keep things running whilst you are away, ensuring that any issues are dealt with promptly.
Reduced In-House Staffing
In-house teams can be expensive – and they need to be regularly trained. With our experts managing your network for you, you won’t need an in-house team.

How Do We Deliver?

With over two decades of working within the IT industry, and with an in-house team of IT tech experts, our Managed Network Services offering is perfect for companies looking to gain complete peace of mind knowing that their network has an expert’s pair of eyes watching over it.

Ready to solve problems as they arise, we’ll be your trusted go-to experts, treating your network as if it’s our own. No longer will your team be burdened by the complexities of network maintenance and monitoring.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Managed Network Services, get in touch to talk to one of our experts – we are certain we can find a plan that works perfectly for your business’s specific needs.

Talk to Our Experts

Our technicians and engineers are trained and certified for the major IT infrastructure vendors, so if you have any questions just give them a call.

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Or would you like to know what it would look like and how much it would cost for your specific IT estate?

Then please drop us your details and we’ll arrange a call back from a member of our dedicated Managed Services Team.

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