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For many businesses hybrid working is now the new normal. Allowing your employees to work from anywhere in the world brings many benefits for both the employer and employee. Working from their own homes, cafes, client sites, or whilst on the road, it allows the employee a wealth of freedom; and, thanks to the removal of geographical restrictions, it allows the employer to access a higher number of potential employees, and subsequently more talent.

However, hybrid working isn’t without its risks; and, finding the right solutions to keep your employees connected confidently, safely, and securely, whilst also ensuring that they thrive in a flexible and connected environment, can be a trying, and often daunting, task. Hybrid working also looks vastly different from business to business – and, consequently, so does the tech that enables it. Each business, with its unique way of working, will require a unique suite of technology to truly capitalise on the opportunities that hybrid working can offer.

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Seamlessly integrate remote and in-office work environments, empowering teams to collaborate efficiently from anywhere in the world. Using the Juniper Mist Edge architecture, the Juniper Mist Teleworker solution extends the corporate network to your remote workers’ locations.


Extend your office to everyone, anywhere in the world, with Cisco hybrid working solutions.


Fortinet’s Work-From-Anywhere solution enables you to keep your workforce connected optimally, regardless of business scale or work location.

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