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Next Gen Firewalls
Guard against future online threats

With new cyber threats emerging every day, the next generation of firewalls are far more powerful than you might be used to. Antivirus, malware protection and content filtering tools are built in and updated in real time - giving you a formidable first line of defence against emerging threats.

Thanks to long-standing partnerships with world-leading tech vendors, we can give you preferential access to cutting-edge firewall technologies. Then we will get them configured perfectly to make security more seamless across your organisation. Because as well as keeping you safe, who said a firewall shouldn't ignite your productivity?

Learn more about Next Gen Firewalls, SGW and SASE.

Advanced Endpoint Protection
Robust security, rapid deployments

Desktops. Laptops. Smartphones. IoT applications. More devices than ever are connecting with your network. That carries risk. Cyber criminals commonly use endpoints to gain access to private networks and confidential company data. With endpoint security you get peace of mind that a robust line of defence is in place to protect your organisation - no matter where your staff are or what device they are using.

When you know you are exposed, it's natural that you want endpoint security deployed pronto. With low lead times and preferential access to world-leading security technology, we can get you protected fast. Really fast. Embrace capacity to react to emerging threats in real time. Monitor all files and applications that enter your network. And utilise AI-powered security to block unknown threats before they spread.

We are ready when you are.

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Physical Security
Stay protected from real-world threats.

Not all threats to your business's security are internet-based. Whether your business has an onsite data centre or cloud-based infrastructure hosted on an external site, there's always a risk of physical security breach that mustn't be overlooked.

To protect your business, it's important to implement physical security in high-risk locations. CCTV cameras, Access Control, Intercom, Air Quality Monitoring, Alarms - all can provide you with the necessary insight to keep your infrastructure safe and sound.

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Privileged Access Management
Access complete control.

When left unmaintained and unmanaged, user permissions can pose as a significant security risk to a business's network. Ensuring that users only have the permissions necessary for their role is crucial. If someone with ill motives were to gain access to a privileged account the business's confidential information and systems could be compromised, leading to profit loss, fines, and other business inconveniences.

A Privileged Access Management solution makes it easier for the business to monitor, maintain, and manage what accounts have privileged permissions.

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Remote Worker
Work safe from anywhere, anytime.

With employees working from anywhere, using a plethora of different software, devices, and private/public networks, cyberthreats have become more prevalent than ever. Without a bulletproof system in place to support remote workers, you put your business's operations and assets on the line. From VPNs to Firewalls, employing a broad range of combined security technology and methodologies is key to keeping safe.

We can help you find the perfect solutions for your business's specific niches.

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Understand your network.

Having a full perspective and understanding over the state of your network is crucial to maintaining and managing your IT infrastructure and all the business processes it supports. Many modern networking setups are software defined and ever-changing, and don't lend themselves to observability - whether it be a cloud setup, or a setup including multiple data centres.

This is where modern, cutting-edge security solutions can help. With the ability to combine and unify all information in one handy dashboard, you can gain complete surveillance and control over your entire network landscape. Pair this with automation that works to optimise and protect your valuable networking assets independently, and you get a network infrastructure that is impervious around the clock.

Learn more about Observability.

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