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Published on 26th May 2022

This website uses cookies to provide an effective business service (essential cookies), to analyse user interactions with our site (analytics cookies), and to connect to our advertising and marketing partners (marketing cookies). See how we use them below.

Last updated: 13th July 2023

This policy should be read in conjunction with Kubus’ Privacy Policy, which also covers data protection, legislation, handling of personal data, and 3rd-party data processors. https:/


Kubus or other trusted third parties may set cookies for your web browser when you visit our website, use our products, or visit a website where Kubus provides ads, content, or analytics.

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are widely used to make websites work, or work more efficiently, and remember user preferences; as well as provide information to the owners of the site. Cookies may be used to store items such as identifiers which allow advertisers – such as Google – to share visitor behaviour across their platforms. A website may set a cookie to the browser if the browser’s preferences allow it.

Generally, we use cookies to improve the user experience of this website with customized content, to tell us which parts of the website users have visited, to keep track of your preferences while you are using the Kubus website, and to facilitate advertising re-targeting.

We have included details of these below, along with links to our Partner’s privacy and data-usage policies where applicable.

How to manage cookies

Kubus uses a Cookie Consent Tool (CookiePro) developed by OneTrust to allow website users to manage the cookies placed on their computers, as per the relevant national and international regulations in place, to protect user information and data privacy.

As well as utilising this OneTrust tool, users can manage cookies directly from their browser:

Clear, enable and manage cookies in Chrome:

Allow or block cookies in the new Microsoft Edge:

Cookies – Information that websites store on your computer (Firefox):

Manage cookies and website data in Safari:

Control Google Analytics directly with Google’s browser plugin:

Cookies can be blocked on a per-domain basis, and we have included these for each partner in the following section.

How cookies are used on KUBUS.COM

The following section lists Parties we allow to place cookies on our site, how they handle any information passed to them, and what this means for your data and privacy. Further down the page we have an itemised list of all cookies we use on our site.



Kubus is an online reseller of IT infrastructure, and provider of expertise, services, and solutions across the IT industry.

Cookie Use Includes:

  • Session cookie to preserve the user state across page requests, necessary for account logins, ecommerce processes, basket, and checkout

Privacy Policy: including data protection and handling of personal information

Data managed and processed in the United Kingdom.



6Sense is a B2B Account Engagement Platform, that analyses anonymous website interactions and provides Sales and Marketing teams with actionable insight for the company, including advertising retargeting.

Cookie Use Includes:

  • Session cookies to preserve user state across the site
  • Presenting visitors with relevant Kubus content and advertising on 3rd-party sites
  • Collecting visitor behaviour information with the purpose of displaying targeted ads
  • Registering any interaction with active marketing campaigns, for further optimisation and retargeting efficiency

Privacy Policy: including the collection, use, and sharing of personal information

Data managed and processed in United Kingdom.

Google (AdSense, AdWords, Analytics, DoubleClick, Tag Manager, YouTube)


Google provides Kubus with a range of tools to analyse, optimise and promote its business effectively across the web. The following Google tools are used for:

  • AdSense/AdWords/DoubleClick: Online advertising and retargeting via Google Search and Google Advertising Partners.
  • Analytics: Collection and analysis of users’ website interactions with
  • Tag Manager: Tool for implementing Analytics, LinkedIn and Pardot on
  • YouTube: Embedding vendor partner videos, hosted by YouTube, into

Cookie Use Includes:

  • DoubleClick: Checking if the user’s browser supports cookies
  • DoubleClick: Reporting the website user’s actions after viewing or clicking one of Kubus’s ads, with the purpose of measuring ad efficiency, and presenting targeted ads
  • Google AdWords: For re-engaging visitors that are likely to become customers, based on the visitor’s online behaviour across websites
  • Google Analytics: Unique ID to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website
  • Google Analytics: Tracking the unique ID across devices and marketing channels
  • Google Tag Manager: Enable AdSense experiments for advertising efficiency across websites
  • YouTube: Detecting if visitor has accepted YouTube’s marketing cookie
  • YouTube: Tracking the use of embedded services
  • YouTube: Recording estimated user bandwidth to deliver optimised embedded videos
  • YouTube: Unique ID to keep statistics of what videos from YouTube the user has seen
  • YouTube: Storing the user’s video player preferences

Privacy & Terms: How Google uses information from sites or apps that use their services

Data managed and processed in USA.



LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional network. Kubus uses this network to connect to peers directly, promote itself through the LinkedIn platform, advertise directly to LinkedIn users, and track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Cookie Use Includes:

  • Storing a website visitor’s LinkedIn cookie consent status
  • Remembering the user’s language version of a website
  • Data-synchronisation with third-party analysis services
  • Tracking the use of embedded services
  • Ensuring visitor browsing security by preventing cross-site request forgery

Privacy Policy: Including the collection and sharing of data

Data managed and processed in USA.

Salesforce Pardot


Pardot is a user-engagement platform that allows for the submission of encrypted personal information to Kubus, in return for the provision of information or services requested by the user. e.g. Webinar sign-up, or marketing mailing list subscription.

Cookie Use Includes:

  • Collecting statistical data on users’ behaviour on website, for use by Kubus
  • Collecting visitor data with the purpose of sales/marketing re-targeting
  • Encrypt and contain visitor data
  • Tracking user behaviour across the website, to ensure no errors when user has multiple browser-tabs open

Privacy Policy: Global policy for Salesforce and its brands

Data managed and processed in USA.



TAWK is an online chat platform, allowing website users direct communication with Kubus Sales and Customer Support teams. Chats are recorded and the information managed according to Kubus’s privacy policy and TAWK’s data protection policy.

Cookie Use Includes:

  • Session cookies to preserve the user state across page requests

Privacy & Terms: Including data protection and GDPR

Data managed and processed in USA.

Data compliance

If you have any questions regarding privacy, cookies, and data collection and processing on please contact:

Data Compliance
Kubus Group Limited
Wellington House
Cotswold Business Park
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 1285 771 600