Elevated capabilities, elevated risk.

User permissions can be a minefield. User accounts with heightened permissions often hold levels of network access that, should they get into the wrong hands, could cause severe and long-lasting impacts for your business and its IT infrastructure. Permissions need to be regularly checked, maintained, and managed. Constantly auditing the activity of users with heightened permissions is a fundamental necessity to keep potential bad actors in check. It’s also important that extra IT security measures are put in place to further protect access to these user’s accounts.

With a privileged access management solution, you can closely monitor these accounts with heightened permissions. By defining strict privileged access management policies, such as mandatory multi-factor authentication, scheduled password changes, and session logging, you can mitigate risks and reduce your exposure to attacks. Of course, enforcing these policies is easier said than done when every process and nuance is having to be managed by a member, or several members, of your business’s IT team, in an inefficient and granular way.

But fear not; we can provide you with platforms that enables you to efficiently enforce, maintain and monitor these privileged access policies, all from a single platform – regardless of how many environments your business may have.

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