Get multiple sites up and running, faster.

Installing and updating network devices at multiple sites can be a time consuming, costly, and arduous process. Don’t fear though – we’re here to help.

We can make the whole process much simpler. Specify your desired components. We’ll then load the configurations onto the devices, deliver them to the required sites – all pre-assembled and ready to go live.

That’s not all though; the pre-assembled equipment is also sent with all the relevant labelling requirements, asset tags added, and the correct cabling necessary for each product.

From CPE to complete datacentre deployments.

Who we’ve helped already:

Luxury Fashion Company
Rolled out touch screen Point of Sale machines to various stores across Europe.
Cloud Service Provider
Rolled out new switch technology to 400 sites throughout the United Kingdom.
Broadband Provider
Rolled out Nokia equipment to a UK site.

Avoid downtime, disruption, and profit loss.

Configuring and building equipment when it arrives is a timely process. The usual process involves the equipment being boxed and shipped to site, and then a local engineer spends a substantial amount of time trying to get it all ‘up and running’. With our help, your equipment will be ready for install on arrival – meaning a lot of the work engineers would do on site has already been done.

No matter the scale of your rollout, we can tailor our services to your exact requirements. Save money and rest assured knowing that the equipment you order will work perfectly for your business.


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