Forget complicated network installations. Get everything working – right out of the box.

Choosing new network infrastructure is exciting. Installing it is often a different story. Modern day tech environments are complicated. Network assets are made by multiple vendors and can be configured in a vast number of ways. Some businesses spend weeks trying to get their new infrastructure up and running.  

That’s where our staging and pre-staging service comes in. We will set up and test your new infrastructure at our facilities – making sure everything is installed and configured for your business. In short: we will get everything working perfectly.  

Then we will box it up neatly – with all assets labelled down to the last cable – and ship your pre-assembled equipment with clear instructions on setting up and going live. And if you want an engineer there to assist you, just say the word. So you avoid downtime and disruption, and get a stress-free deployment that runs like clockwork. 

Eliminate onsite issues, reduce time to deploy. It’s as easy as it gets. 

Simplify installation, maximise potential

Who we’ve helped already:

Fire Rescue Service
Pre-staged and staged new network core (a change from Cisco to Juniper).
Gaming Platform Provider
Pre-staged servers, storage, and other networking components.
Luxury Fashion Company
Pre-staged the upgrade of Oracle Point of Sale systems to touchscreen.

It’s not about simplifying your installation. It’s about unlocking your potential. 

Our pre-staging service goes far beyond simplifying your installation. It’s about making sure your infrastructure is properly optimised – ready to give your business the intended benefits. By allowing us to test and configure your infrastructure, you strip away complexity and get certainty that your infrastructure will function the way you need it to.   

Once it’s working perfectly we will make sure it stays that way. We will test your infrastructure against faults and failures to build resilience into your system and make sure you have a contingency plan for unexpected outages further down the line. We can also connect you to your test setup via VPN. So you can see your new environment for yourself – confirming that it’s fully operational and performing as expected.  

It’s everything you need to de-risk your deployment and upgrade seamlessly. 


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