Support that’s always near when you need it

These days most business are totally dependent on their tech infrastructure to operate. Downtime and unplanned outages can be devastating. That’s why many businesses seek the peace of mind that comes with knowing expert IT support is seconds away when it matters.  

Our helpdesk is stocked with expert IT engineers – available 24/7/365. We make sure network problems are managed efficiently and resolved fast – alleviating downtime and disruption. And because we keep our support function in house, we are 100% accountable for resolving client tickets – rather than outsourcing them to a third party that you don’t have direct communication with. 

That’s not all. Because we are vendor accredited, you get the same level of product knowledge as you would from the original manufacturers. And with flexible contract options and multi-year discounts, you needn’t feel like you are overstretching. It’s an incredibly cost-effective way to do what you do best – with extra confidence in your network.


Protect your working world

Connect with an expert UK support desk at any time – day or night, seven days a week.
Expert product knowledge endorsed by many of the world’s leading vendors.
Rapid access to spares and replacement infrastructure.
Flexible contract options and multi-year discounts.

Network admin just got easier

There’s a big bonus when you take out a contract for our support services. You get access to an inventory of your entire tech estate through an online portal – where you can keep all of your serial numbers, license details and more in one place. Within a matter of clicks you will be able to see upcoming renewal dates, warranty details and all of the stuff you never think you will need – until you really need it. That’s better. 

Kubus Support Services

Kubus Support Service customers can access the support portal via the following link: Kubus Support Portal

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