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The network is the beating heart of the modern business. It keeps your employees connected, your customers engaged, and allows your business to do what it does best. Each and every component it comprises of has to be bulletproof; it only takes one missing link to cause major issue, leading to downtime, disruption, and ultimately profit loss.

Optical transceivers, fibre optic cabling, and other connectivity components are all crucial to keeping the data flowing around your organisation seamlessly.

But even with all the right components in place, it’s still possible that outages could occur. Having Out-of-Band (OOB) management tools gives you a way to access and control critical network equipment, such as routers, switches, servers, storage, firewalls, and telecom appliances, so that your administrators can easily gain control of the network to identify faults and reboot key assets during a time of crisis.

Not only can we help you identify and source the products that will bring more speed, security, and resilience to your networking infrastructure; we can also get you the right Out-of-Band tools to give you the confidence that, should the worst happen, you have a powerful suite of tools to make any planned outages easier to fix – before they cause delays in your operations.

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Versatile and cost-effective solutions for all your optical networking needs. Rigorously tested for reliability and performance in their in-house lab, AddOn offer the most comprehensive portfolio of OEM specified compliant transceivers in the industry.


OpenGear Out-of-Band management tools enable your IT team to manage your infrastructure remotely and securely, outside the primary network via a secure alternative 4G-LTE access path. So, if your network does go down, Out-of-Band keeps your business running.

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