Testing, testing…

Testing a new app extension. Connecting a new API. Coding a new product feature. When you are working with new ideas, it makes sense to experiment in an environment that’s safe and secure. Our virtual landscape gives you a sandbox for development and product testing that’s completely separate from your network. So if something unexpected happens, you don’t need to worry about compromising your core network assets or business functions.

Our virtual environment also allows you to run code or software that you are worried may be malicious or buggy – without the risk of disruption to your network. Test new ideas and product features, create prototypes, and obtain proof of concept. Do all of this whilst connecting remotely from anywhere. And we will give your development team all the support they need to utilise our virtual environments.

Why connect with our virtual environment?

Who we’ve helped already:

Fire Rescue Service
Provided a lab environment for the testing of a core switch software upgrade.
Government Agency
Provided a lab environment for testing software upgrades and new technologies.
Clothing Retailer
Provided a lab environment for proof-of-concept for a new firewall replacement.

Keep your business wheels spinning

The integrity of your network is sacrosanct. When key network assets go down, your profits do too. We help our clients create resilient IT infrastructures with cast iron security features and automated performance optimisation. And we back everything up with in-house support that’s available 24/7/365. So you can be certain that help will always be there when it matters most.


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