Advanced visibility. Advanced detection. Advanced threat protection.

Being able to see exactly what’s going on with your network is crucial. It’s even more important when your employees work remotely. All the variables present by working remote introduce a countless number of security weaknesses and security risks. If a bad actor were to exploit one of these weaknesses, your company could face down time, data theft, legal problems, and a plethora of other issues.

Many threats utilise innovative techniques and technologies that are new, emerging, and have never been seen before. Despite this, with a suite of modern network observability solutions, you can easily monitor your network – and, with many of our network observability offerings utilising AI technology to proactively predict future attacks, you can help stop threats before they become an issue for your business.

With many modern networking setups being software defined and ever-changing, it can be hard to monitor all components. Working with you, we will find the most effective solution for your business’s specific situation – a solution that can keep a watchful eye on your business’s digital assets, regardless of how its IT infrastructure adapts, scales, and evolves over time.

Gain unparalleled levels of visibility. Stay ahead of the game.

Our Partners

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By giving you the ability to continuously validate your network estate, Pentera aims to strengthen your network’s resilience by targeting and mitigating previously unknown security weaknesses around the clock. Utilise security validation all available on a single platform.

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Utilising AI technology in the form of their ExposureAI, Tenable aims to keep your business ahead of attackers by supplying faster analysis, decision making, and guidance.

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Vectra thinks like an attacker. Using their Attack Signal IntelligenceTM, Vectra’s AI platform actively seeks out attacks happening in real time, automating threat detection, triage, and prioritisation of real time security incidents.

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