Introducing Pentera: The Leading ASV Platform

Security professionals are continually searching for their real cybersecurity gaps amongst the overload of vulnerability data. We have come to accept assumptions as the norm given the inaccurate, stale, and context-lacking data in our vulnerability management systems.

With IT infrastructure and cyber threats evolving faster, it is critically important that real vulnerabilities are treated before they are exploited. While penetration testing services may pinpoint such threats accurately, these services cannot scale in scope or be applied in a continuous manner.

True knowledge of our exposure enables us to focus our resources on fixing the real security gaps. Automated Security Validation (ASV) is how we flip on the light to focus on our real security gaps and guide cost-effective remediation. With it, cyber professionals can surgically remediate with fresh data that is based on threats’ real impact on their business.

Shift from operating under assumptions to embracing clarity.

Comparing to the old world

A single platform combining the best of all security validation capabilities.

Automated Security ValidationVulnerability AssessmentBreach & Attack Simulation (BAS)Penetration TestingExternal Attack Surface Management
Vulnerability scanningYESYESYESYES
Control validationYESYESYES
100% AutomationYESYES
Real exploitation / no simulationYESYES
Risk-based remediationYES
Complete Attack Surface ManagementYESYES


Pentera icon suggesting low-touch requirements

Accelerate the validation-remediation cycle

by focusing first on remediating breachable and risk-bearing weaknesses as they are created.

Pentera icon suggestion savings on expenses

Reduce third party reliance and expenses

by automatically, independently testing and validating security as often as needed, at a fixed cost.

Pentera icon suggestion team efficiency

Increase security team’s effeciency

by focusing your attention only on security gaps proven to be a potential breach-point.

The 3 pillars of ASV

Pentera icon suggesting low-touch requirements

Low Touch

Apply agentless security validation anywhere. Instantly.

Pentera icon suggesting continuous coverage

Continuous Coverage

Available anytime, on-demand, across your complete attack surface – external & internal.

Pentera icon suggestion real cyber-security attacks

Real Attacks

Emulate the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Why Automated Security Validation?

  • Reality – Automated Security Validation is complete, accurate, and current. Know your security true efficacy against the latest attacks, today and every day


  • Partial – Penetration testing typically covers on 15% of IT assets
  • Inaccurate – Up to 40% of scanner alarms are false positives
  • Stale – The common frequency of penetration testing for each endpoint is once per year

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