A smarter process for your business. A smoother experience for your customers.

When it comes to seamless service, consumer expectations have never been higher. If your business model involves shipping reliable CPE to your customers, it’s no overstatement to say that your brand reputation depends on that process being smooth, snag free and customer friendly. So let’s make it happen.

We have the expertise to test and configure your CPE to make sure it’s customer ready. Our testing environment is vendor-agnostic, repeatable and reproducible at scale. And, of course, we can share testing data with you. So you can be confident that your customer equipment is ready to work, right out of the box.

That’s not all. We can take care of logistics and distribution too. Store your CPE in our warehouse facilities until it’s ready for dispatch. Then when you say the word we can ship it anywhere in the world thanks to our expansive logistics network. It’s a one-stop shop for your CPE functions.

Reliable, customer ready CPE.

Who we’ve helped already:

Software Company
Tested and prepared Juniper customer premises equipment.
Broadband Provider
Tested and prepared Nokia equipment (purchased from elsewhere).
IT Service Provider
Pre-written config data was dropped onto Juniper SRXs.

A CPE function that moves faster

Consultancy and project management. Storage and warehousing. Pre-configuration and testing of devices – with test results provided. Global logistics. All of these are included within our CPE service.

You are only ever as agile as the suppliers you work with. Speed and flexibility are part of our core ethos. We can get high quality CPE to your customers at speed – and at scale.

Ready when you are.


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