An Introduction to Customer Experience

Whether it’s supermarkets, music venues, sports stadiums, amusement parks, airports, or any other customer facing environment, customers all have the same expectation; that their experience should be smooth and seamless, with little to no hitches.

Faster, stronger Wi-Fi connections. Cameras and sensors feeding information through to analytical dashboards. Dynamic digital signage. Just a few technologies that could go a long way in helping you create an optimised, catered, and more engaging customer experience.

Every business is different, though. A customer’s experience with a supermarket is vastly different to a football fan’s experience at a stadium. Different technology and solutions help to resolve unique inefficiencies. Finding ways to improve your customer’s experience requires a deep understanding of the pain points that your customers face, from entry all the way to exit of your establishment.

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Why Improve Your Customer’s Experience?   

Reduce queues and wait times. Switch paper tickets to easily scannable QR codes. Get a deeper understanding of your customer demographic. By focusing resources and investing in improving your customer’s experience, you can not only make their life easier, but you also make yours easier, too.

Whatever business you might run, there are a whole host of solutions that can be integrated to enable you to provide your customers with a more efficient, desirable experience. Below are just a few benefits that you and your customer can gain from optimising the customer’s experience with various modern network solutions.


…for Your Customer

  • A more immersive, tailored experience
  • Better Wi-Fi connection, and Wi-Fi coverage
  • More available telco connections
  • Reduced queueing and wait-times
  • No pain points, from entry to exit
  • Personalised promotions
  • Improved self-service

…for Your Business

  • Ability to track and control crowd/customer behaviour, queue times, security and services
  • More loyalty from customers thanks to pain-free experience
  • Ability to generate more revenue by push notifcations
  • Greater operational efficiency with real-time decision making
  • Attain a deeper understanding of your customers (how many are in an establishment, how much they spend, whether they interact with promotions and incentives etc)
  • Control flow of customer traffic and direct customers to PoS locations

What solutions are available, and how can Kubus help?  

Depending on the business you run, the facilities you operate, and the industry you are in, the perfect customer experience will differ. This is where we can help.

We will work with you to find the perfect customer experience architecture – architecture that will help you remove the pain points that your customers face, helping to give them the best customer experience possible. Our longstanding partnerships with world leading vendors enable us to bring you IT solutions that are right at the forefront of modern technology.

For those that deal with large crowds of customers (think sports stadiums, shopping malls, airports etc.) WaitTime – paired with cameras/sensors connected to your network – is the perfect management tool, enabling you to track capacities, monitor queues, and discover choke points, all in real time. Receive end of day reports with stats showing the most congested areas during the day. Attain useful data and analytics that can be leveraged to understand traffic flows at peak times. Redistribute security resources to different locations in your ever-changing environment. These are just a few of the advantages that you can gain with WaitTime.

For retail stores, EveryAngle is an invaluable tool. Paired with network-based cameras, EveryAngle enables you to understand your customers better, all whilst providing high-fidelity analytics on loss prevention, store operations and marketing. Maximise your stores performance and efficiency with ground-breaking customer data. Identify theft and staff fraud. Prevent safety incidents and reduce investigation costs. Utilise automation to analyse video at scale. All from one intuitive dashboard.


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The Levels of Customer Experience Development

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