Power Hybrid Work

Organizations such as yours have seen that the shift to remote work not only increased the speed of digital infrastructure and technology solution adoption, but also brought people, policies and company culture to the forefront. This shared experience across the workforce changed expectations of employers and employees alike.

75% of hybrid or remote knowledge workers say their expectations for working flexibly have increased, four out of 10 may leave their jobs if they’re required to return to the office [Gartner]

69% of global CIOs, IT Decision Makers and office workers say that the ability to dictate their own working hours directly affects whether they stay at a job, 64% say the ability to work remotely directly affects whether they stay at or leave a job. [Cisco, Future of Technology, November 2021]

98% of all business meetings will have at least one person joining from a home office. [Cisco Global Workforce Survey: The Rise of Hybrid Workplace Report]

How can you fundamentally change norms around where and how your teams work and retain a competitive edge in the war for talent?

Published on 26th May 2022