Introducing the Kubus Security Kube

In our 20 years of serving the IT infrastructure industry, we’ve helped everything from startups to FTSE100 businesses find comprehensive solutions that provide the perfect resolution to the boundaries and issues they are facing. Whether it involves network, compute, or security solutions, our strong connections to world-leading tech providers, excellent in-house team of tech experts, and vast distribution network has enabled us to get the job done – fast and effectively.

With this level of experience, we understand how overwhelming it can be for a business when it comes to looking for new tech solutions – particularly when selecting security solutions to protect against the ever-growing threats presented by cyber criminals.

So, we decided to condense our entire security solution catalogue under 6 all-encompassing cybersecurity headers. Advanced Endpoint Protection, Next Gen Firewall, Observability, Physical Security, Privileged Access Management, Remote Worker – these are the 6 pillars that represent the 6 sides of the new Kubus Security Kube.

All 6 pillars are represented by cutting-edge solutions from world-leading cybersecurity technology vendors. Solutions that you can rely on to protect your business from current -and future- threats.

Get in touch – we’ll keep you safe from all sides.

Published on 12th September 2023