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For networking infrastructure, the demands and user expectations have never been higher. The number of devices connecting to, data transferred through, and unique users utilising a single network in the modern business climate makes managing IT infrastructure extremely complicated. IT teams are under immense pressure to maintain their company’s network integrity; let alone keeping it running at peak performance.

This is where Juniper’s Mist AI can help. Mist AI is the world’s first AI-driven wired and wireless network solution, replacing time-consuming manual IT tasks with automated resolutions – helping to save valuable time whilst lowering network operation costs. Connecting to Juniper Mist Access Points, Switches, Firewalls, and Session Smart Routers, Mist AI can also supply end-to-end insight into the network user’s experience. Mist AI can then optimise this interaction, making the user’s client-to-cloud interaction as pain free and smooth as possible.

Save time and money with fewer onsite visits, and provide your network users with a more reliable, predictable experience.

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