We’re Juniper Partner Assured!

What is Juniper Partner Assured?
Juniper hand-selects the partners they feel have continually elevated their customers to new heights. In Juniper’s eyes, these partners have shown exceptional knowledge, experience, and commitment as a partner.

Through our continued investment in and with Juniper over the past several years, we are proud to announce that we are Juniper’s first partner to gain the Partner Assured designation.

A word from Jim Banbrook (Sales & Marketing Director) on our recent designation:
We are very proud to announce that we have received Partner Assured designation with Juniper – a testament to all the continued hard work from the whole team here at Kubus.

What does it mean for our customers?
Some of the benefits for you as our customer:

  • Elevated Investment in Juniper Practice ­– Juniper supports us with industry-specific training to enrich our solution knowledge through continual collaborative planning.
  • Dedicated to Your Long-term Success – As you grow, we will too – constantly striving to serve you better.
  • Ready for Anything – Extensive vertical and technical expertise, all supported by a robust Juniper go-to-market engine.
  • Complete Lifecycle Management – With comprehensive skill sets across design, deployment, and operational delivery, we can deliver full lifecycle capabilities and management.
  • Independently Validated – Our skills, solutions, and approach are certified by an external verification body for superior quality and reliability.
  • Making Every Connection Count – We are continually strengthening our AI and technology expertise through increased resources to deliver speed, scale, and value directly to you.

We are championed, verified, and vouched for as having superior capabilities in managing the complete Juniper lifecycle. If you want to find out how we can help your business with finding the right Juniper tech for its needs, get in touch.

Published on 11th March 2024
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Kubus Offers Apstra from Juniper

We like to think of every business like a house – which as we know needs strong foundations – and as your business and reliance on your data grows so these foundations become more and more critical.

At Kubus your data is our business. We have spent 20 years supplying the technology that has given our clients the security and reliability to achieve their goals.

BUT every house needs to modernise (if it is to provide a safe, secure and easy to maintain environment). The ever-growing demands placed on data centres can put systems into overload, leaving them vulnerable to problems caused by an overstretched workforce or inappropriate hardware. No house needs that.

As a Juniper Elite Plus Partner we bring an agility born of real-world experience that makes us ideally suited to deliver revolutionary products and services, which is why we are proud to offer Apstra from Juniper.

Apstra is the only solution of its kind that works with many of the leading networking vendors, empowering you to automate and manage complex network environments regardless of location, vendor or topology, because no two houses are the same!

Kubus and Apstra Together

Kubus work with you to set the strategic intent, Apstra automates and validates the design, then oversees the deployment, and operation of your network. One source of data controlling the whole network, a single-source-of-truth, that can pinpoint and resolve issues quickly.

Apstra’s predictive insights averts outages and can even remove faulty devices from the data-path without impacting performance or connectivity. This allows you to repair and replace them safely with no impact to the network. A fully autonomous command and control centre that brings full automation at the click of a button, keeping your house in order, always.

Apstra’s record speaks for itself:

  • reducing network delivery times by up to 90%
  • reducing outages by at least 50%
  • reducing operational costs by up to 80%
  • investment payback in less than 6 months

Apstra provides future-proof business development for the reliable experience your customers deserve. We are proud of the long-term client relationships that are testament to our reliability, honesty and capability.

And we can’t wait to help turn your house into a powerhouse.

Kubus with Apstra.

Learn More About Apstra

Kubus and Juniper Networks have teamed up to deliver a 4-part series of Apstra webinars for those who want to learn more or dive deeper into the details:

Contact Us

Want to know more about Apstra and how we can help you get more from your network? No matter what stage you are at with network management and systems, we’ve got someone at your level who’ll be happy to discuss opportunities (or pain points) with you.

Written by Kubus
Published on 30th January 2023
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Kubus promoted to Juniper Elite Plus status

We’re now a Juniper Networks Elite Plus Partner! But what benefits does that bring?

Being the current Overall EMEA Partner of the Year, I thought our relationship with Juniper Networks was at its strongest, however considering our new partner status it seems I was wrong… not often I say that!

Kubus will be one of the first partners to be promoted from the existing top level Elite tier, to the new Elite Plus status, as recognition for our commitment to growth and outstanding service.

But I hear you ask, “What will Elite Plus mean to us?”, so I will try to explain this in a few sentences:

  1. We will have a dedicated team solely aligned to the Commercial and Technical needs of our existing and future Juniper customers. Whether your query is for pricing, lead times, configuration help, staging, proof-of-concept or migrations; in fact anything related to Juniper Networks, we will have a team of specialists able to respond quickly and accurately.
  2. Our team will have enhanced access into the Juniper Networks internal teams to ensure that any issue pre- or post-sale is resolved quicker than ever before.
  3. As one of the fastest growing Elite Partners in EMEA (if not the fastest) even before we became Elite Plus, imagine what we can achieve now?

As a value-added reseller it is always a challenge to prove your value, but at Kubus we believe in optimising the basics: great customer service. Our feedback only demonstrates this, highlighting our core strengths:

Turnaround time for technical assistance and quotes, in days rather than weeks. Communication within our teams, providing extensive knowledge about the equipment you want to discuss. The offering of a wide range of professional services to complement the equipment, so you can receive the kit in the state you want, wherever you want it across the globe.

If you are considering purchasing Juniper Networks technology for the first time, or are not fully satisfied with your current provider, then why not consider the Elite Plus, Overall EMEA Juniper Networks Partner of the Year that will put you first?

Andrew Humphrey
Kubus COO

Written by Andrew Humphrey
Published on 17th May 2022
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