The Kubus Podcast is Here

We are very pleased and proud to announce the publication of the first episode of our new podcast: Kubus Podcast Series. In each episode we’ll be meeting and talking to individuals who can give us real insight into the problems, solutions and people in our technology industry.

In the first episode this series, Katy Maley (Vendor Manager at Kubus) sits down to talk to Kubus’ Paul Bonner (Chief Technical Officer and all-round bearded boffin) about his time in the company, managing an ever-growing technical team, collaborating with our customers’ engineering teams, the support side of Kubus, what makes Kubus a unique Juniper partner, and various other Kubus-related topics.

Katy Maley

Katy Maley

Podcast Host and Vendor Manager at Kubus

In future episodes we’ll continue to explore the relationships we have with our vendor partners; explore the products and services they offer at the cutting edge of network, cloud and security technologies; and dive into some case studies exploring specific business requirements and the selection methods and technical solutions used to satisfy them.

We’ll also drag in some other members of our Senior Leadership Team for insights into what working for Kubus means for them and their stakeholders.

Paul Bonner

Paul Bonner

Chief Technical Officer at Kubus

Whilst we continue to wrack our brains for a catchier podcast title, why not listen to the first episode? You can listen now using the player below, or get it from all good podcast services and apps including Anchor, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, and Spotify, just search for Kubus Podcast Series.

We hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to share and click Subscribe!

Kubus Podcast
Written by Kubus
Published on 19th January 2023