Cloud infrastructure that leaves you ready for anything

Today’s working world moves fast. It pays to be ready for anything. For that you need to be agile – and that’s where HPE’s cloud technologies can help. Whether it’s servers, storage or a combination of them both in the form of hyperconverged infrastructure, HCE’s suite of cloud technologies are designed to optimise the way you work. Bringing speed, scale and flexibility to your operations. 

HPE create edge-to-cloud infrastructures that flex to your business and scale with your ambitions. That includes unique disaggregated hyperconverged offerings (dHCI) that promise 100% uptime, guaranteed. Then there’s out-of-the-box, pay-as-you-go cloud services like Greenlake, which makes it easy to unleash new services while controlling costs and preserving cashflow. And whatever infrastructure you deploy, it’s designed to work invisibly in the background – managing itself through AI and automation. 

In short: it’s about embracing cloud flexibility. So you are always ready for the next business opportunity. 

Finding the best tech for your business

Bring more speed and simplicity to your everyday business operations with HPE’s cloud technologies.
Identify the smartest cloud infrastructure for your business and ignite progress towards your strategic goals.
Capitalise on emerging business opportunities and deploy new services rapidly.
Access preferential prices and focus on what you do best while we manage your procurement – from ordering to testing and installation.

We are an HPE Silver Enterprise Partner. That’s good news for you.

Your procurement budget isn’t there to be frittered away. Our partnership status with HPE means we can pass on their best prices to our clients. But that’s just the start of the benefits of our partnership.  

Thanks to our deep understanding of HPE’s emerging technologies, we can help you to identify the products and platforms that are going to provide the best value for your business – making your working day smoother and igniting rapid progress towards your strategic goals.  

And to make sure your procurement goes smoothly, we will take care of everything – from making the order to testing, pre-configuring and installing your tech when it’s ready. So you can focus on doing what you do best.