Servers, storage and hyperconverged infrastructure: make the cloud work harder for your business.

In today’s working world, success is intrinsically linked to the speed at which data, insight and communication flows around your organisation. Dell specialise in providing cost-effective access to technologies that accelerate analytics, provide more power to your workflows and fuel the emergence of new business innovations. 

With highly scalable options for servers, storage and hyperconverged infrastructure, Dell help you find smarter ways of working in the cloud. So it’s easier and faster to do what you do best. With options for everything from home offices to data centres, they have you covered whether you are a micro-SME or a global organisation. And consumption models such as Pay-as-you-Grow and Flex-on-Demand mean you never overpay for server or storage space that you don’t use. 

It’s time the cloud flexed to your business

Get a smarter cloud infrastructure to enhance the way you work – from home, from the office, from all over the world.
Make business operations more streamlined and embrace agility.
Bring more efficiency to cloud computing with flexible consumption models like Pay-as-you-Grow and Flex-on-Demand.
Take the hassle out of your deployment by allowing us to manage everything from infrastructure design to testing and installation.
Boost workforce productivity with cost-effective access to cutting-edge desktops, laptops and end user devices.

We are a Dell Gold Partner. Here’s what that means for you.

Saving money always feels good. With access to preferential pricing, we can make your procurement budget go further thanks to our partnership status with Dell. We have been a Partner for more than ten years – and have the expertise to help you procure the technologies that align perfectly with your goals as a business. Once despatched, we can test and pre-configure your purchase to make sure everything is deployed seamlessly and with minimal disruption. And of course everything is backed up by our 24/7 support engineers, who are certified in Dell’s technologies.

Devices to empower your workforce 

IT isn’t all about what’s happening in the cloud, but at your fingertips too. Empower your workforce with access to the latest screens, desktops, laptops and tablets at fantastic prices. Our experts can also configure laptops with cutting-edge technologies to bring awesome power to devices used for resource-intensive tasks like graphics rendering, animation, big data analytics, machine learning and cryptocurrency mining. Give your staff the best tools and watch productivity flow through your organisation.