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Your data holds immense value. In a world that is becoming ever-increasingly data driven and full of complexity, with ransomware and cyber threats posing a constant risk to businesses, it’s important that you have a backup solution that you can rely upon; your data should be immutably preserved, ensuring instant accessibility in the event of a ransomware attack, or other catastrophic event.

With Cohesity’s approach to data backup you can streamline and expedite the backup and recovery process of enterprise workloads, both on-premises and cloud. Experience multilayered security architecture, ensure fast recovery points and near instantaneous recovery times, and achieve data resiliency – regardless of scale.

Protect cloud-native, SaaS, and on-prem data at scale.

With Cohesity DataProtect you can rest assured knowing that you have a high-performance, secure backup and recovery solution to rely on. With the most extensive policy-based protection for your cloud-native, SaaS, and traditional data sources, it protects your organisations data against even the most sophisticated cyber threats.