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By harnessing the power of IT solutions and IoT devices, businesses can create spaces that are more sustainable, secure, efficient, and intelligent. These spaces are known as Smart Spaces, and by utilising the latest technology, businesses can make more of their premises.

With Smart Spaces, businesses can also vastly improve their building’s energy efficiency. Gain insightful data that enables you to adjust your lighting, heating, air conditioning and ventilation to help maintain energy consumption. Reduce unused space and optimise used space to reduce carbon footprint. Make operations more energy efficient with informed decisions. Find shortfalls to innovate and drive energy efficiency. All ways in which smart spaces can make your business’ premises more friendly for the environment, helping your reach your sustainability goals.

With a range of solutions from a variety of vendors, we can help build the perfect Smart Space solution specifically catered to your business.

Why build Smart Spaces?   

Reduce Carbon Footprint and support ESG goals:
Optimise energy inefficiencies with sensors for occupancy, air quality, temperature, humidity, and more.

Reduce costs:
Consolidating switches/ports, using POE technology to reduce cabling, monitoring equipment, systems, and environment.

Enhance security:
Physical security monitoring and active alerts, network security to prevent cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Improve and streamline operations:
Singular platform/vendor for network, security and IoT reducing IT complexity time. Cloud based remote configuration, monitoring, and issue resolution.

Improve experiences and productivity:
Healthier and safer environment, enhanced customer/user experience, increased productivity.

The Specifics


Digital signage, web and video conferencing, cloud calling/messaging, digital whiteboarding.


Smart cameras, smart sensors, IoT applications for multiple use cases.


Wi-Fi, location analytics, private 4/5G.

Data Centre

Compute and storage, DC switching, analytics.


Network security, cyber security, cloud security, physical security, observability.


Switching, routing, SD-WAN, observability.

How Smart Spaces help various industries evolve.

Retail – Customer engagement

  • Leveraging wireless, video, and other data sources to target customers for promotions based on where they are, and what they are doing.
  • Distributing and displaying marketing content and dynamic pricing on in-store, network-connected displays.
  • Seamless onboarding of visitors onto guest Wi-Fi.

Hospitality – Guest experience and safety

  • Elevate guest experiences while enhancing security with smart camera alerts that provide analytics, data-drive insights, and alerts.
  • Secure Wi-Fi connectivity for guests.
  • Connected rooms with keyless entry technology.
  • Panic buttons to boost staff safety and security on premises.

Manufacturing – Smart and sustainable facilities

  • Reduce the cost of energy consumption and carbon emissions by using centralised and automated environmental controls (using AI, software applications, and a single pane of glass)
  • Monitor water, temperatures, and opened/closed doors for IT closets and carpeted locations.
  • Increase asset tracking to prevent loss and maximise utilisation.

Education – Protect staff and students

  • Utilise video analytics and location services to identify and reduce violence and crime.
  • Enable new threat detection quickly to protect personal student data and administration assets.
  • Securing restricted areas – physical and cyber access control and identity verification.
  • Manage both physical and cyber security from an integrated single platform for simplicity and cost savings.


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