Great staff deserve great devices.  Ours have some serious power. 

We create laptops and devices your teams need, including ones that aren’t available anywhere else – with custom enhancements that transform productivity for our clients and their staff.  

Thanks to longstanding partnerships with world-leading vendors, we have preferential access to the very latest devices – often at reduced prices. We can then supercharge these devices with lightning-fast components designed to bring you awesome power in the areas you need it – with all the warranties and aftercare you would expect. Perfect for applications like animation, graphics rendering, big data analytics and machine learning. 

And don’t worry. Working with us to create a better infrastructure for your business needn’t torch your procurement budget. With our vast experience and vendor partnerships, we can often deliver a system that pays for itself over its lifecycle compared to what you are paying now.

Reward your staff for doing what they do best. Empower them to do it even better. 

Supercharged devices, supercharged productivity  

Access the very latest devices from world-leading vendors.
Our experts will modify your devices based on your strategic goals.
From design and procurement to testing and deployment, we will make your upgrade seamless.
Fast procurement and low lead times to get you up and running fast.
All the warranties and aftercare provision you would expect.

Sometimes the best thing to upgrade is the most obvious 

It’s frustrating to be held back by slow desktops and laptops. And it costs your business in terms of lost productivity and reduced staff motivation. Yet when it comes to IT procurement the focus is so often diverted to areas like networking and server infrastructure. The rub is that if your laptops and devices are poorly equipped, it doesn’t matter how fast the rest of your tech suite is. Let’s get it sorted. 

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