Manage your data centre operations with confidence.

Juniper’s Apstra intent-based networking software streamlines and verifies the planning, implementation, and maintenance of data centre networks, spanning from initial setup to ongoing management and beyond. Regardless of data centre design, vendor, or configuration, Apstra empowers businesses to simplify, automate, and oversee the intricacies of private data centres to mirror the ease of cloud environments.

Equip your network team with the assurance needed to oversee data centre operations with confidently and effectively. And, through leveraging Apstra’s single source of truth and powerful analytics, your teams can also ensure optimal network performance while swiftly addressing any emerging issues. Apstra’s predictive insights also help proactively mitigate potential outages, while its networkwide rollback capabilities facilitate seamless change control. Additionally, Juniper Validated Designs (VJVDs) serve to fortify operational reliability and expedite deployment processes.

What is Juniper Apstra?

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The benefits of Apstra.  

Reliable, Automated Operations
Experience improved consistency, reliability, and deployment speed thanks to JVDs and repeatable blueprints. Make changes quickly and confidently across vendors and locations. Significantly improve service delivery times whilst reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR) thanks to Apstra’s change control and continuous validation.

Focus on Experience
Simplify NetOps with intent-based automation. Automatically implement and enforce policies that are created via business outcomes. Minimise learning curves with a user-friendly point-and-click interface, while support for HashiCorp® Terraform® infrastructure-as-code providers and other integrations amplifies interoperability and streamlines workflows.

Multivendor Flexibility
Avoid vendor lock-in thanks to Apstra’s exclusive vendor-agnostic technology. With multivendor telemetry and flow data, gain comprehensive network visibility across environments with in-depth analysis of traffic patterns, performance optimisation, regulatory compliance, capacity planning, and cost control.

Zero-Trust Security
Juniper’s Zero Trust Data Centre broadens access control, authentication, and advanced threat prevention to every point of connection on the network. Through unified management, contextual network-wide visibility and analytics, and a cohesive policy framework, Juniper secures applications, data, and infrastructure across your organisation’s hybrid environment.

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