Smarter connectivity, more productivity

Internet connectivity. Instant access to cloud applications. It’s become so commonplace that it’s easy to forget how it happens. Countless miles of fibre optic cabling and network infrastructure snaking across the globe – transforming data into light and back again to transmit information at incredible speeds.  

Getting the right fibre optic infrastructure for your business can make a big difference to your productivity and network resilience. With in-depth expertise in optical transceivers, fibre optic cabling and other connectivity products, we can make sure data and communication flows around your organisation seamlessly. 

That includes helping you decide between CWDM and DWDM technologies based on what’s best for your specific network environment and business requirements. In short: we will identify and source the products that will bring more speed, security and resilience to your networking infrastructure. So you can light up your corner of the cloud with confidence. 

Why work with Kubus?  

Get insight on the optics products that offer the best value for your business.
Access cutting-edge technologies from world-leading vendors.
Protect your procurement budget with preferential pricing through our vendor partnerships.
Allow us to test and install your infrastructure to alleviate disruption.

Speed is part of the package

Fibre optic infrastructure transmits information at light speed. When it comes to procuring your technology, we are not much slower. We measure our response to enquiries in hours and minutes rather than days and weeks. And our vendor partnerships mean we have preferential access to cutting-edge technologies – often at costs that you won’t find elsewhere. We can also deliver anywhere in the world quickly thanks to our distribution networks and logistics expertise. Ready when you are. 


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