Introducing the Kubus Compute & Store Kube

Compute & Store. It’s the part of your business’ network infrastructure that manipulates data and stores the results. Whether this is being done at a small scale such as office spreadsheets and warehouse record-keeping, or for Big Data calculations in climate simulations, AI language modelling, or global financial transactions; the fundamental technology requirements remain the same.

Given its highly crucial role, the process of upgrading or acquiring new compute & store technology can be a daunting task – and to make things even more complex, it’s not just the day-to-day hardware that needs to be considered. There really is a lot to think about:

What servers do you need? Plan for how much computational power you need now and in the future.

How much data do you need to store (and immediately access)? Live data that is accessed by users on a regular basis, and predicting how this will expand.

What about archiving data? Backups of inactive data often need to be kept for legal or regulatory reasons.

Have you planned for disaster recovery? Ransomware and cyberattacks can cripple a system and effective disaster recovery planning and systems can help you get back up and running with minimal disruptions.

Do you want your equipment on-premises, off-site, or both? Cloud and hybrid-cloud technologies can offer a different level of platform flexibility – and cost structure – to owned kit.

And of course, don’t forget your users. What tools are you going to provide them with to access these systems?

We understand the complexities of finding and provisioning compute & store systems. It’s for this very reason that we’ve decided to condense the key aspects above into the 6 faces of our new Kubus Compute & Store Kube: Servers, Storage, Backup, Cloud, Disaster Recovery, and End User Devices.

Each face represents technologies and solutions from world-leading compute and store vendors; solutions that we can help select, configure, and implement for your business; helping you keep doing what you do best, whatever calculation that is.

Get in touch – we’re ready to help.

Published on 9th January 2024