Smarter setup, faster business

You want your business processes to be smooth, slick and streamlined – without your overheads spiralling. It’s why many businesses are turning to an increasingly popular setup known as hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). It combines computing, networking and storage into a single system – consolidating resources so you can save money and simplify IT.

HCI tends to give businesses more flexibility – making it easy to scale up or down as needed while reducing the costs and delays associated with scaling traditional infrastructure. It’s often more reliable and secure too. Extensive performance analytics, data protection and disaster recovery features are built into HCI to keep your systems moving smoothly.  

In short: HCI is a great way to do more with less. 

Exploring HCI with Kubus

Expert advice on whether HCI can benefit your business.
Access cutting-edge infrastructure from world-leading vendors.
System design, testing and deployment for a seamless upgrade.
Low lead times and a global logistics network for rapid deployments.

Is HCI right for your business? Let’s find out.

There are plenty of benefits to HCI. But it’s not right for every business. There may be alternatives that are better suited to the way you work, with more potential for unlocking your productivity and reducing overheads.  

As experts in infrastructure design, we can help you adopt a setup that provides genuine value for your business – resolving operational challenges and helping you work smartly towards your goals. Longstanding partnerships with world-leading vendors mean we can offer a cost-effective route to cutting-edge tech. And because we rigorously test client deployments offsite before installation, we can alleviate downtime and disruption to your business.  

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