Robust security, rapid deployments  

Desktops. Laptops. Smartphones. IoT applications. More devices than ever are connecting with your network. That carries risk. Cyber criminals commonly use endpoints to gain access to private networks and confidential company data. With endpoint security you get peace of mind that a robust line of defence is in place to protect your organisation – no matter where your staff are or what device they are using. 

When you know you are exposed, it’s natural that you want endpoint security deployed pronto. With low lead times and preferential access to world-leading security technology, we can get you protected fast. Really fast. Embrace capacity to react to emerging threats in real time. Monitor all files and applications that enter your network. And utilise AI-powered security to block unknown threats before they spread.   

We are ready when you are. 

Keep valuable company data under lock and key

Guard against hackers trying to access your network through endpoint devices.
A cloud-based model that scales to new devices as you grow.
Low lead times, testing and deployment to get you protected fast.
Access world-leading security technologies.

Deploy the IT security experts

Increasingly, businesses are 100% dependent on their tech estate to do business. Yet we live in an age where sophisticated cyberattacks emerge by the day. It’s one of the reasons we offer round-the-clock access to our expert support team – 24/7/365. And because we keep our support provision in house, we are fully accountable for resolving client support tickets fast – instead of outsourcing them to third parties. With Kubus, you can be sure that expert support is always near when you need it.   


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