The security platform that manages itself

As cyberthreats evolve, security technology must do the same. Putting evolution on fast forward is SentinelOne, who have created the world’s first autonomous cybersecurity platform. Tackling cyberattacks in real time with AI, SentinelOne’s mission is to defeat every attack, every second, every day. And they get results. SentinelOne regularly scoop awards for detecting developing attacks before any other platform.

SentinelOne’s tools are built for protecting the sprawling digital landscapes that define the modern world. By utilising autonomous threat detection and correction, SentinelOne promise to defend against cyberattacks faster, at greater scale and with more accuracy than any human can. Your security team can monitor and manage all security workloads in one console – with all the analytics they need for deep visibility into the integrity and resilience of your network.  

So your business can do what it does best – with total confidence in the security of your tech landscape. 

Take seamless control of security

The world’s first autonomous cybersecurity platform.
Automatically detect and resolve cyberattacks in real time.
Manage your security landscape from a single console.
Monitor the integrity of your entire tech suite with real-time analytics.
Get preferential access to SentinelOne products with Kubus.

What our partnership with SentinelOne means for you

Not only can we pass on cost-savings and preferential access to SentinelOne’s suite of security technology – we can also help you get the right products in the first place. SentinelOne have security utilities to suit all organisations. Knowing which is best for your business isn’t always straightforward. We can look at your challenges, operational realities and strategic roadmap and identify the product that will protect your infrastructure while driving the best value for your business – whether it’s an all-in-one product for your entire network or something that sits within your broader security infrastructure. Let’s get started.