Network automation for consistent, exceptional experiences.

With traditional network management methods, whether manual or semi-automated, device onboarding and service activation can take days, or even weeks. Service deliveries can fail. Network failure risk is high. Outages can be highly costly. Repairs can take prolonged periods of time. Constantly changing traffic patterns can make it impossible to keep up with necessary configuration changes to ensure service levels in real time.

With the Juniper Paragon portfolio, all these challenges are addressed – helping your business to achieve its desired outcomes, use case by use case. Accelerate innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and, crucially, empower engineering and operations teams to deliver exceptional service experiences.

What is Juniper Paragon?

The benefits of Paragon.  

Ready for service in minutes
Eliminate weeks of manual work and service disruptions caused by human error with intent-based service orchestration. Meanwhile, AI-enabled device onboarding verifies both hardware and software legitimacy, updates to the latest software version, and ensures secure zero-touch configuration. Benefit from significantly more resilient and secure network and service environments, created in a fraction of the time.

Deliver service intent
By employing intent-based service orchestration alongside closed-loop, autonomous networking, you gain access to model-based service designs that adhere to the most current open standards. Experience consistent outcomes while preserving the adaptability to configure and tailor services to suit your business goals, whilst guaranteeing that your live services continue to meet intended intent with minimal human intervention thanks to active assurance and autonomous networking.

Actively verify service quality
Guarantee your network’s ability to uphold service quality before deployment, then continually and automatically validate service performance against service-level objectives. Proactively identify, troubleshoot, and resolve service issues before they affect your customers. Utilise non-intrusive, active test agents to gather service-quality metrics across the entire data plane, spanning from end-users to cloud, through the execution of synthetic transactions.

Gain network insights
Measure service quality. Normalize data across network domains and vendors using streaming telemetry. Analyse this data employing a library of algorithms, including machine learning, and gain actionable insights regarding your network and service performance. Paragon accurately identifies anomalies that could affect contracted service levels and initiates closed-loop workflows to address them promptly.

Guarantee service levels
Automate the placement of service paths to either meet or surpass service-level objectives, enhance capacity utilisation, and prevent network congestion. Utilise a topological overview to implement offline adjustments and conduct scenario planning without affecting the live network. Go beyond the capabilities of standard routing protocols by automating traffic engineering, ensuring the delivery of a superior service experience.

Streamline operations
Overcome the challenges posed by skilled labour shortages by significantly enhancing productivity and operation efficiency. Streamline the execution of routine operational tasks, mitigate errors stemming from manual processes, and make the most of existing resources.

Simplify deployment
Paragon is fully equipped for the cloud, offering all functionalities through a single, unified platform architecture. Standard APIs facilitate seamless integration with your IT and OSS/BSS systems, supporting multi-vendor environments. Standard modelling and design languages reduce the learning curve for adoption within your operations teams.

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