Meraki as a Service

Meraki as a Service

Our Meraki as a Service offering is a comprehensive solution designed to provide proactive monitoring, management, and maintenance of your network wifi, security, and IoT infrastructure. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Cisco Meraki, our service ensures optimal network performance, real-time visibility, and enhanced security measures.

Service Features

Real-time Monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring of Cisco Meraki devices including switches, routers, access points, security appliances, cameras and sensors.
  • Monitoring key performance indicators such as bandwidth utilisation, traffic paterns, device health, and connectivity status in real time.

Proactive Issue Detection

  • Early detection and alerting for potential network issues or anomalies to prevent service interruptions or performance degradation.
  • Rapid response to critical incidents through automated alerts and notifications.

Performance Optimisation

  • Regular analysis and optimisation of network configurations to enhance performance and efficiency.
  • Recommendations for improvements based on network usage patterns and best practices.

Security Enhancements

  • Monitoring and management of security features including firewall settings, intrusion prevention, and content filtering.
  • Timely application of security updates and patches to mitigate vulnerabilities.

Customised Reporting

  • Detailed reports and analytics on network performance, up-time, and security posture.
  • Tailored reports to meet specific business requirements and compliance needs.

Remote Management and Support

  • Remote access and management of Cisco Meraki equipment for troubleshooting and configuration adjustments.
  • Responsive technical support to address queries, concerns, or incidents promptly.

Kubus Packages

We have some pre-built packages making it easy to consume the technology you need to meet your business outcomes. These can all be customised to suit your unique requirements and business size.

Pick your Technology Stack

Managed Secure Network

Secure switching is core to any network platform, but it can be time-consuming to provision and manage unpredictable loads that can affect performance. With Kubus Managed Switching, you can maximise network reliability and uptime, ensure optimal usage and speed, and protect network entry points from threats. You can scale safely as new employees, locations, and technologies are added.

Managed Secure WiFi

Businesses need to be able to deliver exceptional wireless experiences for customers and employees, and build engaging smarter workspaces whilst protecting every connection. Kubus Managed Secure Wi-fi can help accelerate the creation of access control and app policies that optimise both the end-user experience and network security. We can also provide location analytics and real-time statistics to help monitor foot traffic, improve customer engagement, and maximise loyalty across sites.

Intelligent Workspaces

If your business operates in a physical environment you need on-site visibility and insights that are accessible from anywhere so you can proactively improve safety, customer service, and operations. Kubus Managed Intelligent Workspace protects people, customers, and products at scale across a physical space, and provides insights to help increase customer satisfaction and safeguard your mission-critical assets while reducing risk and energy consumption.

Pick your Tier

BRONZE What do you get with Bronze?
  • Device monitoring during normal business hours
  • Device uptime monitoring with proactive issue detection and notification
  • Professional services available – remote or on-site
  • Quarterly service reports
  • Low monthly cost per device
SILVER What do you get with Silver?
  • All of Bronze plus:
  • Remote issue resolution where possible
  • Unlimited scheduled changes per year
  • Quarterly software/firmware updates
  • Monthly service reports
  • Quarterly service reviews
  • Annual environment reviews
GOLD What do you get with Gold?
  • All of Bronze + Silver plus:
  • 24/7/365 cover


Improved Network Reliability
Minimised downtime and increased reliability through proactive monitoring and rapid issue resolution.
Enhanced Security
Strengthened security posture with continuous monitoring and timely application of security measures.
Cost Efficiency
Optimised network performance leading to reduced operational costs and better resource utilisation.
Simplified Management
Centralised management of network infrastructure, proving a single-pane view for ease of administration.
Scalability and Flexibility
Scalable solutions that adapt to your evolving business needs, allowing for seamless expansion or adjustments.

Our networking monitoring service for Cisco Meraki equipment is a comprehensive solution aimed at ensuring your network operates at its peak performance, remains secure, and evolves alongside your business. With proactive monitoring, timely support, and expert management, we aim to provide you with a reliable and optimised network infrastructure the supports your business objectives.

Managed Network Services

Meraki as a Service can be provided as part of Kubus’ Managed Network Services. Talk to one of our specialists now for more information.