Secure network, confident business  

Imagine having an expert pair of eyes that monitored all activity on your network – right around the clock. That’s what you get with the latest SIEM technology. And it’s a brilliantly effective way to bring more security to your organisation.  

SIEM tools log exactly how devices are engaging with your network and provide crystal clear visibility on network activity. If it detects something unusual, it will raise the alarm. So you can identify the issue and resolve threats before they cause damage.  

Insight on your network, confidence in your business. 

How can Kubus help you? 

Find the best SIEM technology for your business.
Access cutting-edge technologies at preferential prices.
Low lead times for rapid security enhancement.
We will test everything pre-deployment for seamless integration.
24/7/365 access to our in-house support team.

Support that’s always near when you need it

We have longstanding partnerships with world-leading Cyberattacks grow more sophisticated by the day. It’s essential that your security infrastructure can alert you to unusual network activity and detect emerging threats. But what happens when that threat is too complex for you to solve alone? Our expert support team is available 24/7/365 to protect your network and preserve business continuity. And because we insist on keeping our support operations in-house rather than outsourcing, we have full accountability for resolving our client support tickets. We will be there when it matters most.  


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