Connectivity that flexes to the way you work

These days it’s possible to be hyper-specific about connectivity. You may want to allocate more bandwidth to certain team members or key business applications. Or perhaps there are certain times of day where your network faces surges in demand. By carefully scrutinising the way your network is used, we can make sure your connectivity isn’t holding you back – but instead empowering your business to work as efficiently as possible.  

It’s about making the best use of your bandwidth to ensure communications and data flow seamlessly. We can even use routing and switching to make sure you always have backup connectivity in the event of something unexpected taking you offline. So you can be confident that your business wheels will keep spinning 24/7, no matter what

How can Kubus help? 

Bring total control to the way your teams connect.
Allocate bandwidth according to the demands of your staff, processes and business operations.
Enhance the speed at which staff connect with key business applications.
Seamlessly deal with surges in network demand.
Build more resilience into your connectivity infrastructure to keep your business connected.

Transforming your business through tech

When it comes to IT, the days of one-size-fits-all are gone. It’s all about identifying the tools and platforms that are right for your business. That’s where we have been excelling for more than two decades. We can advocate technologies that improve your day-to-day operations and ignite rapid progress towards your ambitions. And because we are vendor-agnostic, there’s no bias in our recommendations beyond choosing what’s right for you.  


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