Fix network faults fast, avoid lengthy downtime

These days a network outage means no productivity, no systems, no sales. If your network is down, your profits are too. During an outage it’s essential to find and repair faults fast. So you can get back up and running quickly – minimising damage to your revenue and brand reputation. 

Out-of-band (OOB) management tools give you a way to access and control critical network equipment – even during a network outage. By utilising a separate, dedicated connection, your administrators can easily gain control of the network to identify faults and reboot key assets like routers, switches, firewalls, servers, storage and telecom appliances.  

It’s a powerful failsafe that helps to make sure unplanned outages are easier to fix – before they cause delays in your operations. So you can be confident in your uptime. Confident in your tech suite. And confident in your business. 

Why work with Kubus?  

Quickly identify the OOB management tools that represent the best value for your business.
Cherry pick from cutting edge technologies made by world-leading tech vendors.
Access preferential prices thanks to our longstanding vendor partnerships.
Get your tech delivered and deployed fast – with global logistics and distribution expertise.

We are ready when you are 

Once you realise that OOB management technology is a no brainer, you begin to feel awfully exposed without it. The good news is that speed is a hallmark of the Kubus service. We measure our response to initial enquiries in hours not days – and quickly identify the technology that will best suit your business. Then we use our logistics expertise and distribution networks to ship your technology anywhere in the world. Fast. 

Longstanding partnerships with world-leading tech vendors give us preferential access to the latest OOB management technologies. And to make sure your deployment is fuss free, we will test your tech at our facilities before shipping, installing everything for you once it’s ready. Let’s get moving. 


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