The ABC of VDI 

The cycle of purchasing your organisation’s laptops and PCs, keeping them patched and up to date, then upgrading to new equipment is time consuming and expensive. VDI offers an alternative.  

Essentially with VDI your desktop lives in the cloud and is accessed over the internet. It means you can purchase cheaper, less sophisticated PCs and laptops for your staff. Or allow them to use their own. All the software, processing power and storage you need is located in the cloud and regularly updated for security and performance.  

Even better, VDI allows you to create virtual desktop environments with application sets that are customised for specific teams – such as HR, finance or development. And because the desktop is cloud based, your staff can access their tools from anywhere.  

As for maintenance, VDI saves IT administrators countless hours. Instead of manually updating each PC or laptop individually, an admin can make changes to the VDI and push it to thousands of endpoints in your organisation. VDI can even reduce your onsite energy consumption since more processes are performed in the cloud. It’s why VDI is becoming an increasingly popular option for organisations looking to trim costs and work more efficiently. 

Why use VDI?  

End the cycle of laptop and PC procurement and work with simpler end user devices.
Empower your teams to access their business applications anytime, anywhere.
Save countless hours on device maintenance with all updates actioned in the cloud.

Let’s make VDI work for your business  

Reduced overheads. Enhanced security. Increased simplicity. There are compelling benefits to VDI. But it’s not right for every business. We can work with you to identify how VDI could best enhance your operations before suggesting and implementing an infrastructure that tangibly improves the way you work. It’s all about getting the right results and helping you drive smartly towards your strategic ambitions. Ready when you are. 


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