Your cloud, your way      

When your IT functions are crucial to your business, it makes sense to have as much control over your tech landscape as possible. That’s exactly what you get with a private cloud infrastructure. A dedicated cloud environment – for your business only.  

It gives you total control over the way your cloud services are deployed and configured. Total control over your security, data protection and disaster recovery – without being forced to rely on the standards of the cloud service provider. Total control over the way your infrastructure scales, instead of competing for capacity with other businesses.  

In short: with a private cloud infrastructure, you are free to build and configure cloud services in the way that makes most sense for your business and regulatory landscape. That means control, autonomy and freedom to do things your way. 

How can Kubus help?  

Identify the type of private cloud infrastructure that’s best for your business.
Get full support with designing and deploying your cloud infrastructure.
Ensure your migration is completed securely with minimal disruption.

Which type of private cloud is right for you?

Private cloud or virtual private cloud? Fully managed or self managed? There are several types of private cloud infrastructures, with varying management models. We will help you identify and implement the best infrastructure for your business – based on your current requirements, your future ambitions and the latest best practice in cloud computing. We are ready when you are. 


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